The benefits of group fitness classes go beyond having a great workout. Here are 5 benefits of our Group CrossFit Classes:

  1. Proper Form: Our group fitness classes are lead by a Coach. The Coach will ensure that you executes the movements properly. This ensures that your muscles receive the maximum benefit and will help you avoid injury.
  2. Variety: We create a new workout every day. The benefits of this are 2-fold. First, varied exercise regimens create muscle confusion, which keeps your body guessing and ramps up your metabolism. Second, variety will help keep you motivated, by avoiding boredom.
  3. Accountability: If you miss a class, our athletes and Coaches will ask you why you were absent. Miss a few classes, and we’ll probably shoot you a text or call.
  4. Community: Living a healthy lifestyle often means canceling on family and friends, which can be isolating. During Group classes you’ll not only receive a great workout, but you’ll be surrounded with other motivated individuals. So hang out in our lounge before or after class for great conversation and join us for happy hour.
  5. Fun: During class you’ll be cheered on by Coaches, surrounded by a community of athletes and motivated by upbeat music. All this makes for a really fun time.

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